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43489. 3 Dimensional.
Silver Plated : .999 Fine Silver
Antiqued : This item has been treated with an additional antiquing process.
Approximate Weight : 1.2 grams
Approximate Height (beak tip to tail) : 19.0 mm
Approximate Width (tummy to wing tip) : 13.0 mm
Approximate Thickness (widest point, tail feather spread) : 5.0 mm
Approximate Depth of Hole (lower tummy to back of neck) : 5.0 mm
Approximate Inner Diameter of Hole : 1.5 mm

Q&A (from TierraCast)
Hello, Can you tell me if your pewter items are lead free? : Yes, TierraCast cast pewter products are lead free. You can find extensive information about lead content in jewelry, including test results performed on TierraCast products in the Safety Compliance portion of the TierraCast website. (Information provided by TierraCast)
Weight: 1.2 g